My Kit List
Panasonic AG-AG101

This hybrid video camera was geared towards independent filmmakers, as it has the ability to utilise interchangeable fast primes of zoom lenses, which deliver the cinematic look and feel of 35mm film, as well as the shallow depth of field normally associated with DSLRs. But unlike DSLRs, it has all the ergonomics of a video camera, and can record broadcast quality sound.

You can also adjust the AG-AF101’s shooting mode to create a wide range of cinematic looks and styles. It can also shoot in varying frame rates for fast or slow motion shots, and record time-lapse footage for up to 24hours.

Stuart Sterling - AG-AF101 Camera
Panasonic GH3

The GH3 is famed for its ability to produce outstanding video and still images. It also has an interchangeable lens system and I use this camera for film and photography.

Other Equipement

Panasonic Lumix G 12-35mm/F.28 Lens
Voigtlander NOKTON 25mm/F0.95 Lens
Rode NG2 Microphone
Zoom H2n Portable Sound Recorder
Lilliput 7″ HD Monitior
2 x Manfrotto Tripods
Igus W10-80 camera slider
2 x Led Lights
1 x 800Watt Tota Light
Yongnuo 56o Flashgun
Mac Book Pro