Music video

I really enjoy working with musicians and producing their music videos! I mainly work with Punk and Oi bands, as this is the music I love. High octane edits being a passion and speciality of mine. But I welcome working with bands and musicians from any style of music. Every music video I produce is bespoke, with the camera work and editing all tailored to the track, the band, the genre. I can collaborate with you  with regards to ideas for  your music video, or I am happy to work to your creative brief.

I have loved Discharge since I was 13 years old. Making a music video for them was a dream come true! I am very proud of this piece of work.  The Broken Law is from their brilliant album End Of Days.

“A Sterling job” – Roy Rainy Wainwight

Really happy to add Resistance 77 to my music video cv. This is a montage video featuring highlights from their brilliant set which I filmed live at Rebellion Festival 2017. The track Walk Away is taken from their album No Escape.

My first official music video for The pUKEs.

“This is Awsome! Thanks for the really fun video journey, and for all your patience, skill and effort. The whole process could not have gone smoother.” – Priscilla Wong – The pUKEs

“This video is GREAT!” – Daryl Smith – Cock Sparrer 

Official music video for legendary punk rock band Vice Squad with live footage from Rebellion Festival 2012. This is personally one of my favourite edits – high octane stuff like the music!