Transfer VHS Video to DVD /MP4

I can transfer VHS video to DVD and/or convert them to the MP4 file format which is great for viewing on a pc and storing on a hard drive. The MP4 file format is also suitable for uploading onto Youtube, so you can share your old home movies, wedding video etc online with family and friends  via Facebook or other social media. This file can be transferred to you direct online. All you need is an email address.

I can also produce printed DVDs and customised covers for your cases if you wish. For this it is best to have one or two digital images for me to use. Each DVD comes with a basic menu, and I can also add chapter markers as well.

You can both deliver and collect your DVDs at my M33 2BJ base at pre-arranged times. Or you can send them to me by post, but be sure to include the return postage.

Payment wise, I accept COD, BACS, or cheque.

So start digging out all those old VHS tapes of weddings, christenings, parties and events, and get them converted so they can be re-lived and enjoyed all over again, and shared with a new generation!

Here are the prices

One 2hr max transfer of VHS video to DVD or MP4 – £20.00

add £5.00 for each additional hour if the tape exceeds 2hrs

One 2hr max transfer of VHS video to DVD  & MP4 £30.00

add £10.00 for additional hour if the tape exceeds 2hrs

Extra DVD copies £4.00 each

Printed DVD customised case cover £10.00

Extra printed DVD copies with customised case covers £6.00 each